1993-2004 - Starting and Middle school #19 of Surgut city, finshed as Electric of third grade.
1994-2004 - Special computer school of additional child education, Surgut city, finshed as Programmer-Computer-operator.
2004-2009 - Tomsk State University of Managment systems and Radioelectronics, Tomsk city, finished as Engeneer-programmer of automation.

Finished projects:
Web site of internet shop "Ray" of electronic components of Tomsk city.
Web site of microprocessors database (worldwide).
"Pencil" the educational program for childs (command processor) to study of programming aknowledge and understadning principles of algorithmic kind of thinking.
"Hack-Search" - Program to compare multiple saved game files and to change money, life and so on values in it.
"BDM" - Program package to fetching Warm-Calculators with help of GSM networks.
"Tomtel-agent" - Linux program to monitor current balance of internet-account for Tomtel Tomsk internet provider.
"TBL-chat" - Local securelly clan-inside chat for my Lineage community.

Whois Server - Full functional Whois server with MySQL database support.

and more other small projects

Current projects:
Windows Quake Style Console - Drop-Down console wrapper like in Quake, Doom III, Half-Life, Unreal and much of other shooters.
GraphCAD - CAD modeling system allows to constuct even GIS and programmable-graph mathematical models. IDE bases on plugin technology and all engine is programmable by user scripting system.
HAOSS - Home automation realtime event control system for 1-wire, z-wave, modbus, canbus and others.

Intel QST Fan Control - Linux drivers for 2.6.x kernel series allows to control speed of CPU fan based on modern Intel Chipset with QST support.

Mask image controls - Graphical components for Lazarus, such as Buttons, ScrollBars, Page controls with full customizable borders and appearance.

Lirics - My lirics and fantasy stories (!warning! Russian only).

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