Analog of this program is executer (IDE ), wrotten by InfoMir, in those you can do same tasks. This program differences from analog the next characteristics:
  • Integrated procedures for drawing geometrical shapes;
  • Ability to text output;
  • Ability to saving image into BMP format files;
  • Ability to pasting images from BMP format files;
  • Supports all fonts installed in system;
  • Usaging for 16 millions colors;
  • Changing canvas size;
  • Easy to understand User-Friendly interface;
  • Context-depended help;
  • Regular expressions in strings;
  • Slow speed of translation alghorithm (For example, at P3-600B processor class, translating speed of alghorithm consists of 5-6 seconds);
  • Has'nt any metodical material for studing to this programm.
This command processor allow to realize so hard elements of alghorithmization, as recurse, cycles and branching. This development may be use either for study the samples of alghorithmization, or for creating difficult images and function graphics. If you will write some procedures, you can build N-metrics images, for example, it's procedure to building 3d images looks simple as that (Ithometry):
    Procedure Line3D(x,y,z)


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