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Tomsk Institute of Radioelectronics and Electronic Engineering (TIRiET) was established in 1962 on the basis of two faculties of the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute (TPI) - RTF (Radio Engineering Department) and ERUF ( Faculty elektroradioupravleniya).
The Institute was established in the three faculties of full-time study: radio, radio (now - radiokonstruktorsky) Electronic Engineering and the Faculty of evening and distance learning. In 1971 TIRiEt was renamed the Tomsk Institute of Automated Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TIASUR).
In 1997, the college received university status and new name - Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUCSR).
Today TUSUR - one of the leading universities of Russia.
Training of specialists and engineers are in TUSUR on seven-day and evening part-time faculty of 55 specialties and directions in the field of radio engineering, information security, electronic and computer engineering, programming , automation and control systems, information technology, economics and social work.
Since 2004, all faculties and departments of the university implemented rating system evaluation.
in May 2006 as part of the priority national project "Education" TUSUR winner in the competition of educational institutions of higher professional education, implementing innovative educational programs.
For the history TUSUR developed several technologies that allow him to work successfully in a market environment. The dynamic development of the University demonstrates the effectiveness of the chosen direction of development. "Proprietary technology" is the idea of "great university", which includes TUSUR, its branches and representative offices, research institutes and acting on the basis of their enterprise.
In TUSUR infrastructure has been created "Educational Research and Innovation Complex TUSUR (Unic TUCSR), which are research institutes, design offices, student design offices, Engineering Center, the country's first scientific and technological park, a student business incubator, science laboratories and high-tech firms.
TUSUR has a high level of computerization - on a full-time students have one computer. This is a unique figure in many European countries. Corporate computer network TUSUR unites campus and all the building of the university.
The university created the necessary conditions for the use of information resources: is modern technology, licensed software, establishment of integrated software support for the educational process - electronic textbooks, lectures, testing program, a system of electronic monitoring.
One of the "brand" this work is the development of a network of branches and distance education. Today Tomsk Interuniversity Center for Distance Education, created with TUSUR, the largest center of learning beyond the Urals. TMC UNTIL equipped with the latest technology and provides the formation of ten thousand students in more than 100 cities in Russia and CIS countries.
an important component of the dynamic development of the university is the strengthening of international relations. Today TUSUR has cooperation agreements with universities and organizations in the U.S., Britain, Germany, France and other countries. Programs are exchange students and graduate students, university staff participate in international conferences.
The university organized: Siberian Branch of the International Academy of Higher Education, Tomsk Scientific Center, Siberian Branch of the Academy of Engineering Sciences, Tomsk Branch of the International Academy of Engineering, Siberian Academy of Postgraduate Education and the country's first scientific and technological park.

In 2002, the first time in the history of Russia's university system, based on TUSUR was a branch of the International Research Center - Center for radar, radiation and Communications University of Delft (the Netherlands) for joint research.
Much attention is paid to TUSUR organization of free time. In TUSUR created 3 studio theater, 12 clubs, pictures and anecdotes, the show band "Atlantis" and the ballroom dance club "exciton", actively develops student sport. At the university has its own TV studio "TV TUSUR" in which the transmissions are weekly on one of the city's canals, and the newspaper "ELECTRONICS».

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