Children's Computer School

Outgoing 2004

Confirmed Children's Computer School was opened in July 1989. The first was the director and founder Sergey Mitrofanov. The school taught the students 10 - 11 classes on the subject of informatics. Here students were taught several schools in the city. Were under occupation and in-depth course.
In September 1991, Sergei Petrovich went to the school opens in number 1.
During the next year and a half years in school was not a permanent staff of teachers and continuous administration.
His school received a second birth in February 1993 when the school principal was appointed Lyudmila Ivanovna Sedova.
In 1993, when the school staff began its work in the new composition, the school changed its status, becoming the institution of additional education. This year's group was recruited first-graders, which began teaching computer science and English.
In 1995, the pedagogical staff of schools headed by the Administration has developed a Charter of DKSH and local acts, which were recorded the basic provisions of DKSH.
In 1999 the school became a pilot urban area in the direction of "Implementation of continuous in-depth course on informatics from 1 to 11.
In 2000. received a certificate of state accreditation.
In 2001. school becomes an authorized training center Russian society "Knowledge".
Since 2004. DKSH began cooperation with general institutions for the implementation pre-profiling training and school education in the field of information technology.
In 2005. School changes the status of "Child Center of Scientific - Technical Creativity" and is called "CDNTT INFORMATICS +".
In 2006. Grant received the Governor in the competition of educational institutions of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra.
Since September 2007, "Information +" is an authorized testing center ECDL (The European Computer Driving Licence - European Computer Driving License, a leading global certification training in the use personal computers). During this time, 96 teaching staff of Surgut successfully passed testing and received international certificate ECDL.

Today CDNTT taught pre-schoolers and students 1-11 grades. Educational Program Center "Information +" covers 3 subject areas: computer science, English and physics.

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