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There are placed my personal page and some sites of my friends, e.g. virtual hosing. If you need in personal pull functional free hosting with support of FTP, mail, subdomains, aliases, PHP, MySQL, CGI scripts and programs, and optionally SSH (with disk space are 500Mb and above), than you can contact with me with help of anyone way from summary tab, and I'll try to review your request.
P.S. You can speak with me for Russian or English languages, as you prefer.

For registered users I had planned to implement Whois service and domain registration request web form. Registered users may go to the hosting administration panel with help of this link.


In this section I'm public all registered domains at my hosting with their descriptions.
http://moonlight.lirein.org.ru/ - Forum of Lineage II clan "Moonlight". There are no any such free shard server at present, but the forum is still alive, and still keep the memory about the times of great sage. (PHPbb 3 Russian only).
http://music4food.net.ru/ (Mirror) - Site that contains authors music available to listen and download, comment, rate music and discuss different ways of music.

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