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About domain:
This domain are about me, and host's some other sites.
P.S. This web-site is under reconstruction.

About server:

This server works on this configuration:
CPU: ARM Marvell MV8162 1.6GHz
RAM: 256MB
HDD: 2 HDD 1TB, 300GB Mirror, 1.4TB Stripe
Network: FTTH 50/100Mbit/s


In this section I'm public all registered domains at my hosting with their descriptions.
http://moonlight.lirein.org/ - Forum of Lineage II clan "Moonlight". There are no any such free shard server at present, but the forum is still alive, and still keep the memory about the times of great sage. (PHPbb 3 Russian only).
http://hartoss.org/ - Community website of HArtOSS project - home automation system, AKA "SmartHouse".
http://hartoss.com/ - Main website of HArtOSS project.
http://forum.hartoss.org/ - Community forum of HArtOSS project.
http://geminee.lirein.org/ - Personal Pavel Gladyshev hosting. Testing compatibility with 1C Bitrix.

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