Intel QST Fan Control

I'm started to write this driver to my desktop assembled in MicroITX form-factor. Now there are no any valid drivers to provide QST fan control under Linux, either for Desktop, nor for Server. I searched Internet to complete design of such problem, but all that I found will be Intel QST SDK. I'm read specs and reference and than write this simple daemon to control CPU fan.
After compiling this daemon it installs in /usr/bin/ directory and you can start in manually or write startup string into /etc/rc.local such as:
exit 0

Of course this program starts as true Linux daemon and need root privileges.

Download driver:
From 05.02.2011
From 27.01.2011.
Install it with help of untar archive and make sources:
tar -axf qstfancontrol.tar.bz2
sudo make install

That's all!
Good luck in usage.

90Bio.QSTFanControlroot2011-02-06 09:09:44
86Bio.QSTFanControlroot2011-01-28 06:28:39
85Bio.QSTFanControlroot2011-01-28 06:27:54
84Bio.QSTFanControlroot2011-01-28 06:26:26